Viva Social Media Campaign

In an effort to build Viva Concepts' internet presence, I managed accounts and created content for Viva's Twitter, Facebook, and Google + pages. In just three months, we grew the follower base on Twitter from 8 to 300 followers in the dental industry. Below are a variety of ads I designed to promote Viva's print products and design services.


Viva Motion Graphics: Script & Animation

I worked closely with my Creative Director and the CEO of Viva to create an explanation video for the Viva System. I re-worked the rough script we were provided, editing for content, tone, and structure. Once the final script was approved, I created storyboards and the final animation in After Effects timed to the approved voice-over.


Precision Chiropractic Re-Brand

As part of a campaign to re-brand Precision Chiropractic, I designed a new logo, website concept, and two promotional print items: a Viva brochure and a VivaPak.

Logo Design

Website Design

VivaPak Design

Brochure Design